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Measuring for Furniture Delivery

You’ve had your eye out for a while now, looking for that special fit. You’ve been in and out of showrooms around town that just don’t seem to suit your taste. Until late one afternoon you stumble across something truly special – Ashley. She’s gorgeous, sleek and sophisticated and you’re considering taking that sweet 2-piece sectional lounge suite home with you that night.

Before things start moving a little too quickly, here are a few important things to take into consideration before you make your final move.

Measure your furniture. Delivery can be a time consuming and expensive process, we encourage all our potential customers to take care and to ensure that your prospective purchases will fit into your home before completing your order.

It’s not just about making sure your furniture is a correct fit for the space inside your room, but it’s also whether your furniture will be able to get inside. To help make sure your choice of furniture is sized correctly, and to avoid disappointment on delivery day, use these guidelines to assist you with the necessary measurements and considerations.


Guidelines for Furniture Delivery

Pick The Right Piece

• Make sure the furniture you’re considering works in your space. Our published dimensions (width x depth x length) will help you decide.
• To help visualise, it may help to map out the dimensions of the piece on the ground where it will be situated using masking tape on a bare floor or on sheets of paper on carpet.

Measure Your Home

Make sure your piece will fit in and through all entryways before placing your order.

1. Measure the height (A) and width (B) of all doorways and hallways
2. For entryways that are located in hallways in close proximity to front facing walls or corners, it may be important to consider the total clearance length (C) to the interior wall.


Take note: Account for wall fixtures, hanging ornaments, interior walls, stairwells and elevators when measuring as they may pose an obstacle when delivering to a building or once the piece is in your home.

How We Measure Your Furniture

1. On the product page on the Ashley uMhlanga website, navigate to the Details and Overview tab. Locate the DIMENSIONS of your product, listed on the right side of this tab find the width, depth and height of the piece.
2. If your piece is a couch or a chair, be aware of the diagonal depth, which will determine whether the piece can be brought through tighter entryways at an angle


Take Note: 1) Sectional couches are delivered in individual pieces. Use individual component measurements for comparison as opposed to the sectional's overall measurements. 2) Most dining tables have removable legs, minimising overall product height during delivery.

Make Sure It Fits Into Your Home

The width of the doorway (B) must exceed at least one of the following: The furniture depth, diagonal depth or height.


If the doorway clearance (C) exceeds the furniture width, then you can move it in horizontally.


If the entryway clearance (C) is less than the furniture width, then you will need to move it in vertically, meaning that the doorway height (A) must be bigger than the furniture width.


Caution—the piece will not fit into your home if either of these instances holds true:

1. The piece's width (W) exceeds both the entryway clearance (C) and height (A).
2. If entryway width (B) is less than all three of these measurements: the piece's depth (D), diagonal depth (DD) and height (H).